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I always find that theme parties are fun, exciting, and different. Instead of going to a party in your little black dress ladies, wouldn't it be exciting to be someone else for the night? To dress a certain way, that you might not normally dress? I've always found it to be fun, and almost refreshing to think outside the box.

Maybe that's one of the reasons I've always loved throwing parties...and using my creativity. Some people prefer just to go out to other people's houses or homes for gatherings, while some love to do it themselves. I'm the do it yourself girl- I love being social, I love having people over, and most of all, I love planning events and seeing them come to life before my very eyes. In college my house was the party house all my friends came to hang out at- and that was such a great time. Maybe that's why I was always so happy throwing parties....not only because others didn't like to, but because I got to be creative.

College is known for having unique out of control, wild parties. Toga parties, as made famous by Animal House , ABC parties (anything but clothes)- now those can be exciting! Girls would make a duck tape dress, or garbage bag dress, I mean really, people really use resources that you wouldn't expect. I guess that's where Lady Gaga gets her inspiration. An interesting theme was tight and bright, where everyone is expected to dress in neon/bright colored clothing. Although for some people I'm not so sure the tight factor is one we needed to see.

However my ultimate favorite theme, and one I've personally been dying to try out, is a Prohibition Party, or Great Gatsby Party. Something about the time period just intrigues me, and what fun it would be to dress up in the flapper theme, old school suits for the men, and just the music and atmosphere would be new and exciting.

Something like this set up might be nice. I also visited which showcased a great deal of examples for a prohibition party. Of course I know any party I throw or plan will be much more stylish, this would be a great way of showing where I might start on this project.

Wanted posters line the walls, lifesize cut out gangsters "guarded" the doorways. The place settings were cipies of Chicago newspapers announcig the repeal of prohibition, and the centerpieces on the tables were girls legs dressed only in sparkly shoes and garters.  While interesting, and fun nonetheless, I would want my prohibition party to be more classy, elegant, and original. I don't want to showcase certain elements such as the centerpieces with the sparkly shoes and garters- I want it to feel as if you've stepped out of a time machine. As if you just walked into a speakeasie in New York during prohibition. Instead of cutout gangsters, I'd hire guys and dress them as gangsters. I'd hire an act that could put on a show like we see in the casinos on Boardwalk Empire on HBO. It will be authentic, different, unlike any party anyone has ever been to before.

Wouldn't it be fun to drink the most popular cocktails of the time? Instead of drinking budlight and coors light, how about a side car and some gin rickeys? We could even serve drinks such as moonshine, in glass jars.

Of course we'd have to hire a bouncer or security, someone to collect the secret password to get in....afterall it has to be covered up well. You could call it a church meeting, or concerned citizens meeting, considering that speakeasies were generally disguised due to the illegality.

We could label the punch Non Alcoholic and the morning of the event, take a watermelon and cut a small piece out of the side, as you would do to a pumpkin in order to carve it, take a skewer and stick it into the flesh (but not through the skin) in all directions. next, mix about a cup of high proof spirits (vodka is best) with a tablespoon of icing sugar and carefully pour this into the melon. replace the 'lid'. sit the melon in a bowl or dish to keep it upright and put it in the freezer. Slice just before eating and serve sprinkled with diced mint.

Depending on when the event is hosted, for instance if it is a chilly night you could make mullled wine: 1 part grape juice, 1 part rosé wine- I find this produces a lighter product than straight red wine. Place orange zest, cinnamon sticks and cloves on a square of clean muslin/ cheese cloth and tie it into a ball (do not use plastic string, use cotton thread or string). Strike the ball once with a rolling pin to bruise the spices then place everything in a large pot and simmer until fragrant and warmed thru. Serve from a large tea pot, asking people "would you like a cup of tea?" (wink, wink).

I find it would also be fun to set the mood by making authentic appetizers and foods from the time period as well. I would most definitely ensure that all of the staff and guests are dressed in the appropriate attire for the period, and could send a staff member around asking people if they voted for Wilson or Hughes in the last election, and speak about "the repeal" with a wistful fondness.

Becuase these speakeasies often got raided or broken up, at the end of the night you could stage a police raid, or sound a siren....keeping the say, and a great way to signal the end of the party. But wouldn't it be funny if your neighbors called the police and they walked in to a group of adults dressed as flappers and 1920's gangsters?

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