Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is Coming

Saying spring is coming is something like a gift on this horrible rainy day. What better to hope for than the warm sunny days of the springtime, and the outdoor parties that accompany the warm weather. It's as if everyone hides away for the winter, not wanting to leave their warm houses for fear of the cold. But when spring comes, the barbeque's come out, backyard parties, communions, christenings, confirmations, birthdays, baby showers...the celebrations begin. With Easter and Passover just around the corner, you can imagine that we're getting very busy planning glorious events with fun, festive pastel colors. Exciting? You bet!

Our Glamour Girls staff is hard at work on a super fun event we have booked for June, not only are we doing our classic Glamour Party fun for the 20-25 little girls, we're also doing an ice cream sundae bar.
I can't decide what my favorite flavors would be for an ice cream sundae party....which is why the birthday girl picks four. She could pick Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie dough, chocolate, and strawberry, or she could pick coffee (what child would pick coffee though, let's be real!), vanilla bean, chocolate chip, peanut butter....etc. Personally, I'd go with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cookie dough. Cookie dough is like an ice cream staple....it's fabulous. Although as a child- hold on, even now, at twenty three, I still insist on mixing cookie dough with chocolate  because I refuse to eat plain vanilla ice cream. Never liked it. I'm waiting for the day they make chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough. Maybe I should just invent it, it might be easier. Then again, it might be more expensive. And where on earth do I have room to start a ice cream company? I have enough on my plate! A busy enough schedule as is.

Once the birthday girl (or boy) chooses her flavors, she gets to choose toppings. All eight of them. Sprinkles, candies, syrups, etc. I mean, I'd choose whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries, chocolate syrup....the classic toppings for an ice cream sundae. That's half of your toppings right there! Not a bad selection if you ask me.

Our ice cream sundae bar fits perfectly with our new Ice Cream Sundae Spa party. It's just as delicious as it sounds. We did a test run on all of the products yesterday which were so yummy I could eat them up! They smelled so amazing, almost as if you had real ice cream in front of you-not bath and spa products! The girls get to choose from mini bath fizzies for their foot bath in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. After the bath fizzies, they're treated some exfoliating scrub in chocolate or strawberry, topped with Vanilla lotion (other flavors soon to come). The girls will be lounging in a spa like environment with their marshmallow masks topped with cucumbers on their eyes, and a manicure to complete the spa treatments (can't forget about our exfoliator and lotion for the manicure too)! Everything is kid friendly of course, and completely fun and fresh! How many of your daughter's friends can say she's gone to an Ice Cream Sundae spa party?

I'd bet not many. I love planning fun and unique events....and I'd say 90% of kids love ice cream sundaes, so have an ice cream sundae spa party with our ice cream sundae bar to add on to the fun. I bet you won't be disappointed!

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