Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Maybe you'll call us overachievers, that's probably what some people think of me, having started Glamour Girls as a junior in college. I was bored, and I worked my ass off to make the business what it is today. Who would have thought I'd have costumed characters going out as Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, even Bowser!

Regardless, I graduated from Iona College in New Rochelle NY last May, and my little sister, who's turning twenty one next month, is graduating a year early this May. Of  course it has to due with the fact that she took Ap classes in high school, but people think we're a bit crazy. I guess I don't blame them. I might get that reputation for constantly asking my friends to be characters and work at different events as waiters and bartenders. Though they never complained- my employees are paid well. For a reason.

I'm straying from the point here. Since my Kaitlin is graduating early, it has fallen upon me to plan her graduation party. No pay of course, she thinks it is something that will benefit me, another event to add to my quickly growing portfolio of events. She however, is by far, more demanding than some of the most frenzied adults I've dealth with for parties with thousand dollar budgets. A bit extreme? Oh that's my sister.

Our theme colors will be maroon and gold, classic Iona College colors, and we will be getting a huge tent with tables and chairs for the backyard. Luckily we have a big backyard, which will easily fit the hundred and fifty people she's invited to her party. However, she cannot decide whether or not to do catered food, or to hire one of my staff members to grill burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and do heros. Personally, I'd like the catered food, the bbq theme makes it feel like just that....a bbq, not a fancy graduation party.
As for the entertainment, she refuses to let the pipe band play, though I'm sure if my dad has his way, there will be something to say about that. Being that we're irish and have been involved with pipe bands for as long as I can remember, someone is definitely going to whip out a set of bagpipes and start rocking out. Kaitlin herself inquired to the Narrowbacks, a Rockland County based irish band to play at her party....deep down she's starting to enjoy irish music. She just won't admit it to us yet.

Despite her demanding attitude regarding her party, and the constant text messages I get throughout the day asking about her party's progress, upon which I reply, "it's out of my hands". She's not a regular client where I can just send her a budget, it's more complicated, it goes  through our parents, who are afterall, footing the bill for her grand soiree. They are the ones with the final say....and they're not too thrilled with her extravagance. Her must have though, is something I will insist upon: a fantastic cake. If you've checked out the gallery on our website: http://www.glamourpartyplanner.com/ you will have definitely seen some of the elaborate cakes we've gotten for other events. If you've ever watched Cake Boss you know what I'm talking about. A specialty cake is awesome, and they taste amazing, a million times better than the typical cake you'd buy at the grocery store. However, a cake like that, for 150 people....oh she's in over her head.

Might want to stay  tuned on this one....the tale of Kaitlin's 150 guest graduation party is far from over!

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