Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Celebrations

With Easter only days away, there are tons of celebrations in the form of Egg hunts, and easter parties for kids....with the occasional dressed up easter bunny of course.

As a child, I used to love doing the egg hunts, getting candy and waiting for the bunny to come, you know the whole deal, leaving carrots out the night before. Now though, I have to look back and laugh. Did I really believe that a big bunny left footprints on my dining room floor? Did I really think a big bunny could somehow break into my securely locked house?

Apparently so. Nevertheless, looking back it is funny, and  I adore planning easter egg coloring and easter egg hunts for the family easter party! It was so much fun to be a kid....and now, well, at least I can make kids smile by planning these fun activities for them!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bieber Fever versus Carnival party.

      It's no secret that teens and pre-teens across America have fallen head over heels for Bieber....behavior which has ultimately been nicknamed Bieber Fever. Something which one of our clients children has definitely been infected by. We are currently working on a combined birthday party for two girls, one aged 11 one aged 9 (to turn 10 and 12). The  younger daughter is set on the idea of a Bieber party...while  the older daughter absolutely despises Justin Bieber and wants something more mature, like a carnival party, or spa theme. Therefore....what do we do to combine the two? Especially when these themes don't exactly coincide with one least not well....and not without brawls.

My thought was to set up booths/tables around the yard (since it's a June party, outdoors) and do different carnival booths with prizes. We could build our own booths with wood, or we could use tables, however I'm thinking making the actual carnival booths would give it a more authentic feel....and will be much more impressionable on the kids! We could put up lights to give it a carnival  feel if we do the party at night, and if not we could hang balloons and streamers....and of course, play carnival music. We could have several game booths and a couple others such as cotton candy, popcorn, etc. Of course the real food and cake would be separate. To prevent all the children from receiving all of the prizes, we could give each child a certain number of tickets to ensure that each child is guaranteed the same number of games/prizes.

The first could be a kissing booth....but not in the way you're thinking. We could have a jar filled with hershey's kisses and the kids have to guess how many kisses are in the jar. The closest guess wins the jar!
The second booth could be the balloon booth, where the kids throw darts at the balloons to break them. This is always a favorite at the carnival...and easily made by our staff.

The third booth could be the baseball throw to knock down all of the milk jugs. Another carnival classic that is loved by all...big and small. Didn't intend for that to rhyme.

The fourth booth could be the ping pong toss into the fishbowls. I personally was always awful at this game....but some people are really good at it. At carnivals everyone always won goldfish in a bag....but I think we'd get different types of prizes!

The fifth booth could be a facepainting'll add some excitement to the carnival! Maybe not all carnivals have face painting but it is a fun add on for kids who will enjoy it...especially in a setting such as this! While we're at it we can do glitter and neon colored go wild for that!

The sixth booth could be the Ring Toss game. Another classic carnival game, the ring toss is a must have for any carnival!

The seventh booth could be the duck which the kids use a net to pick up a duck from the duck pond. If the duck has a star on the bottom it means they've won, and can select a prize. If not...they can use another ticket to try again.

The eighth booth could be a bouncy castle....or an inflatable slip in slide. Something fun an exciting that the kids can go on, over and over again.

Of course it depends on the budget of the parents for the specific party, however all of these would be excellent activities for a children's carnival that I'd sure love to go to!  

Of course being that one of the girls for this particular party wants a Justin Bieber theme, we can work Bieber prizes into the mix, maybe do Bieber tattoos, and perhaps even add Bieber onto the cake. But after the kids see this, I don't know how they could possibly say no to a fun filled carnival theme party...I know I wouldn't.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cupcake Craze

I often wonder what is the reason behind the cupcake craze? Personally cupcakes don't do much for me....I mean, sure they're tasty.....but a couple bites usually does it for me. I can't see going to an establishment such as Crumbs or Carlos's bakery and ordering a couple of cupcakes and being done with it....I'd want the real deal. The cakes. Cake Boss is such a huge hit on TLC...and personally I adore the cakes Buddy makes...I would love to try one of his however, is it really worth the price tag? Not to me it isn't.

Of course, being an event planner I know where to get similar cakes for a much better price...for one event Carlos's Bakery quoted me at 700-1000 and I got the cake for less than half the price elsewhere, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Looks wise, and taste wise. Next time I'm planning an event I will be attending, I am most certainly getting a cake like that!

Still, if it came down to cake cake, and ice cream cake....I think I'd have to go with the ice cream. Personally I have a sweet tooth, but ice cream is my soft go to dessert. I'd pass up cookies, cake, chips, you name it for a soft serve dairy queen chocolate cone with rainbow sprinkles. And yes, it has to be a cone, because lets be honest here, it doesn't quite taste the same when it's in a cup.

Monday, April 11, 2011

How far is too far?

As many of you know, we have a twitter for Glamour Girls and Glamour Parties....and we often tweet about our events. Especially our huge Original Glamour parties for our Glamour Girls sector. However, this hasn't always been accepted by some parents. We believe that allowing girls to use makeup, and do their nails and their hair gives them confidence, allows them to express themselves, and adds a bit of fun to their day! They're kids...they want to play with makeup, what little girl didn't? I loved playing in my mom's makeup drawer when I was a kid. It was a thrill. So what's the harm in allowing girls to do a Spa or Glamour Party for their birthday?

See full size image
Well, according to some angry parents who have contacted takes away a child's innocence. It causes them to be too mature too early. It isn't right for the children ,and children need to stay children as long as possible. Now let's be real here for a denying the children something they want to do for a birthday party really the way to go? I'd love to know what the harm really is.....after all, isn't it just fun a games? Beauty is a huge part of our society in today's era. But it's not like at the Glamour Girls parties we're teaching these girls how to wear makeup for the rest of their lives! We're putting glittery hairspray in their hair, glitter and shimmer and fun colored lip glosses....because it's a party, it's fun, it's something these kids don't get to do on a regular basis....and it's different. I believe allowing a child to express their interest in something, at least dabble here and there is the way to go. Completely denying them something only causes them to want it more later in life....and rebel.

So what if now, at 6 years old you deny your daughter the opportunity to participate in a hair, makeup, and nails party....ten years later she'll be caking makeup on her face as she drives to school on the bus with all of her friends. Moderation is the key to success....sure beauty isn't everything....but sometimes it is a little fun.

So I ask you far is too far? Where do you draw the line on cosmetic use and play? Every little girl wants to be a princess....but can the princess have her crown and a lip gloss too?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I always find that theme parties are fun, exciting, and different. Instead of going to a party in your little black dress ladies, wouldn't it be exciting to be someone else for the night? To dress a certain way, that you might not normally dress? I've always found it to be fun, and almost refreshing to think outside the box.

Maybe that's one of the reasons I've always loved throwing parties...and using my creativity. Some people prefer just to go out to other people's houses or homes for gatherings, while some love to do it themselves. I'm the do it yourself girl- I love being social, I love having people over, and most of all, I love planning events and seeing them come to life before my very eyes. In college my house was the party house all my friends came to hang out at- and that was such a great time. Maybe that's why I was always so happy throwing parties....not only because others didn't like to, but because I got to be creative.

College is known for having unique out of control, wild parties. Toga parties, as made famous by Animal House , ABC parties (anything but clothes)- now those can be exciting! Girls would make a duck tape dress, or garbage bag dress, I mean really, people really use resources that you wouldn't expect. I guess that's where Lady Gaga gets her inspiration. An interesting theme was tight and bright, where everyone is expected to dress in neon/bright colored clothing. Although for some people I'm not so sure the tight factor is one we needed to see.

However my ultimate favorite theme, and one I've personally been dying to try out, is a Prohibition Party, or Great Gatsby Party. Something about the time period just intrigues me, and what fun it would be to dress up in the flapper theme, old school suits for the men, and just the music and atmosphere would be new and exciting.

Something like this set up might be nice. I also visited which showcased a great deal of examples for a prohibition party. Of course I know any party I throw or plan will be much more stylish, this would be a great way of showing where I might start on this project.

Wanted posters line the walls, lifesize cut out gangsters "guarded" the doorways. The place settings were cipies of Chicago newspapers announcig the repeal of prohibition, and the centerpieces on the tables were girls legs dressed only in sparkly shoes and garters.  While interesting, and fun nonetheless, I would want my prohibition party to be more classy, elegant, and original. I don't want to showcase certain elements such as the centerpieces with the sparkly shoes and garters- I want it to feel as if you've stepped out of a time machine. As if you just walked into a speakeasie in New York during prohibition. Instead of cutout gangsters, I'd hire guys and dress them as gangsters. I'd hire an act that could put on a show like we see in the casinos on Boardwalk Empire on HBO. It will be authentic, different, unlike any party anyone has ever been to before.

Wouldn't it be fun to drink the most popular cocktails of the time? Instead of drinking budlight and coors light, how about a side car and some gin rickeys? We could even serve drinks such as moonshine, in glass jars.

Of course we'd have to hire a bouncer or security, someone to collect the secret password to get in....afterall it has to be covered up well. You could call it a church meeting, or concerned citizens meeting, considering that speakeasies were generally disguised due to the illegality.

We could label the punch Non Alcoholic and the morning of the event, take a watermelon and cut a small piece out of the side, as you would do to a pumpkin in order to carve it, take a skewer and stick it into the flesh (but not through the skin) in all directions. next, mix about a cup of high proof spirits (vodka is best) with a tablespoon of icing sugar and carefully pour this into the melon. replace the 'lid'. sit the melon in a bowl or dish to keep it upright and put it in the freezer. Slice just before eating and serve sprinkled with diced mint.

Depending on when the event is hosted, for instance if it is a chilly night you could make mullled wine: 1 part grape juice, 1 part rosé wine- I find this produces a lighter product than straight red wine. Place orange zest, cinnamon sticks and cloves on a square of clean muslin/ cheese cloth and tie it into a ball (do not use plastic string, use cotton thread or string). Strike the ball once with a rolling pin to bruise the spices then place everything in a large pot and simmer until fragrant and warmed thru. Serve from a large tea pot, asking people "would you like a cup of tea?" (wink, wink).

I find it would also be fun to set the mood by making authentic appetizers and foods from the time period as well. I would most definitely ensure that all of the staff and guests are dressed in the appropriate attire for the period, and could send a staff member around asking people if they voted for Wilson or Hughes in the last election, and speak about "the repeal" with a wistful fondness.

Becuase these speakeasies often got raided or broken up, at the end of the night you could stage a police raid, or sound a siren....keeping the say, and a great way to signal the end of the party. But wouldn't it be funny if your neighbors called the police and they walked in to a group of adults dressed as flappers and 1920's gangsters?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Event Decorations

One of my favorite aspects of an event, is of course the decorations. Balloons, streamers, centerpieces. So much fun! Since I was just talking about my sister's fabulous graduation party....and fabulous it will be- thanks to me, I decided I should get started working on the decorations for her event. We want something classy, elegant, and simple. Since she's going with the school colors of maroon and gold (wouldn't be my first choice in terms of colors, but GO GAELS!) I suppose we can begin working on how that will play out!
This is the hall....and our creative space, or so to say:
And though it's not bad....there's a lot we have to do here. Although, the chairs do match the theme quite nicely ha!

These are the ideal table centerpieces. Kaitlin specifically requested something classy  but elegant, with candles. These will be great as. Simple  but pretty. Complimented by confetti on the table:

Then we can hang white christmas lights around the tent- it'll definitely give it a fairy tale pretty look. So exciting!

Something like that....but with round tables for sure. I'm excited.


Our character parties are by far some of my favorite events. We've had so many different characters go to events, from Princess Jasmine to Bowser from the Mario video games- to requests for Elmo. It  doesn't get much diverse than that. When I first started Glamour  Girls it was a joke amongst a couple friends that we should all dress up as Princesses and go to kids parties. At first it was a joke- and simply that, and somewhere along the way a light-bulb went off in my head. At first people thought I was insane, until we started talking money. Now, I have my methods down to a t, and character parties are not only creative but fun too!

Last week we sent Jasmine out to an event for this adorable little girl's birthday party. Although Cinderella is our most popular disney Princess!
Yes that's me. I dress up as characters when I need to- although I try not to! We also did Ariel recently, and Snow White as well!

It's always adorable, because the young kids actually believe that you are Cinderella, or Belle, or Snow White, or whatever character you might be impersonating. And being honest, what girl can truly say she didn't love at least one of the disney princesses as a child? Belle is my absolute favorite, and I won't even attempt to deny the fact that I still watch Beauty and the Beast. In fact, Tangled is on my netflix queue.

Maybe I get to work with my inner child to develop these parties, but it's fun....and I can honestly say there aren't many people out there who like what they, love what they do. I can say that, because I do. I love working with kids....and there's nothing like seeing their little faces light up when their favorite Princess shows up on their doorstep. In fact, I don't mind dressing as a Princess from time to time, every girl wants to be a princess one day. So why not today?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's a Party Worth to YOU?!

When I first started Glamour Girls, pricing was a major issue. I knew little to nothing about girls birthday parties or any parties at all. Of course I did research, but I couldn't find any competitors, and  that was a good sign. So I priced low. But now, our prices have changed drastically from our first party, which for ten kids had a price tag of $ that any mom would jump on! Or you would think.....some might think it was a bit too low of a cost....and  trust me it was. We made no money. And isn't a business supposed to make money? In fact, it cost me money!

Since then I have found competitors. And I'm pretty sure they've found us. After all, Glamour Girls is getting referrals from hair stylists, parents, teachers, etc. People know about us. And you know I'm thrilled about that. Who wouldn't be as a business owner. Besides, I don't think it's simply a coincidence that several local party companies now have a Glamour Girls Party...I really need to trademark that- and fast!

Regardless, most of these other companies charge double, if not triple what we charge. For example, there's a Manhattan based company that charges about $1000 for hair and makeup. Sure they give you a craft and cupcakes, but one thousand dollars? I briefly considered making our prices higher, but how could I possibly charge that amount for basic hair and makeup, or hair and nails? Quite frankly it seemed ridiculous. Another company based out of Ridgewood NJ, I'm sure you've seen them with their pink limo- they were featured on the real housewives of NJ costs double what we charge for hair makeup and nails, for two of the options and a short ride in the limo. Seriously?

Okay, so I  can't provide a pink limo, but we do provide a darn fun party- for much less than those we compete against! That's something I'm proud of. But it did make me wonder. How far is too far? I'm sure there are parents who have paid a thousand dollars for their child's birthday party, hell we've had plenty of parents come to us to do just that. The only difference between them, and us, is that when our  clients paid one thousand dollars, they got a heck of a lot more for their buck! For example, we did a party that cost about $900 recently. It was a fashion show party, there were about 20 kids at the party. The girls did hair, makeup, nails, and costume jewelry. Additionally, the girls got goody-bags and they did karaoke. Oh- and we did decorations. Simple decorations, but decorations nonetheless. Hmmm....which is better, hair makeup a craft and cupcakes  for ten kids, or hair makeup nails jewelry karaoke and goody-bags for twenty. Hmmmmm I'm going with the latter.

How much is too much for you? I asked my mom's cousin Erin, who is a mother of three (as of 2 months ago). Her oldest is Quinn, he's 8, Madison 7, and now two month old Brayden. Living in an upscale neighborhood in Bergen County NJ, she told me that her limit would probably be around $350 for ten kids without food/cake. I think that's reasonable, many of our parties are around that range, if not cheaper. It's always interesting to see how much a parent will pay for their child's birthdays, even in this horrible economy. Some believe birthday parties are a staple, that their children will be scarred if they don't get one. But for some parent's it's just not possible. My aunt and uncle have 4 boys, 12, 5, 3, and 2. Kind of a handful. None of them have ever had a birthday party, the five year old did for his first birthday party, and let me tell you that was a pretty grand soiree, but since then....nothing. For four kids, birthday parties every year could definitely add up, an expense that a family of six simply cannot afford to do.

Let's be serious here, say you have a party with us that's $350 for ten kids- and let's keep it simple, say there's only ten kids. Plus a cake, say $75, goodybags, $50, pizza $30, drinks $20, paper goods, decorations $50 - and I'm talking the bare minimum here. You're already talking $575....and that's before tax. Think of how much this simple party for ten kids is going to cost, and the sad truth is that most parents spend an awful lot more than that on parties. So is it worth it? That's my question here.

How much would you spend on your child's important is it for them to have one? Does it secure their happiness, their friendships? Some parents want the parties more for themselves than for the child...and I truly wonder who enjoys the event more sometimes, the parents or the kids.
Of course I love any excuse for an event, I do plan them for a living, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to talk anyone out of having a party. I'm just curious as to their reasons for going ahead with the parties in the first place. So tell me, what is it worth to you?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Maybe you'll call us overachievers, that's probably what some people think of me, having started Glamour Girls as a junior in college. I was bored, and I worked my ass off to make the business what it is today. Who would have thought I'd have costumed characters going out as Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, even Bowser!

Regardless, I graduated from Iona College in New Rochelle NY last May, and my little sister, who's turning twenty one next month, is graduating a year early this May. Of  course it has to due with the fact that she took Ap classes in high school, but people think we're a bit crazy. I guess I don't blame them. I might get that reputation for constantly asking my friends to be characters and work at different events as waiters and bartenders. Though they never complained- my employees are paid well. For a reason.

I'm straying from the point here. Since my Kaitlin is graduating early, it has fallen upon me to plan her graduation party. No pay of course, she thinks it is something that will benefit me, another event to add to my quickly growing portfolio of events. She however, is by far, more demanding than some of the most frenzied adults I've dealth with for parties with thousand dollar budgets. A bit extreme? Oh that's my sister.

Our theme colors will be maroon and gold, classic Iona College colors, and we will be getting a huge tent with tables and chairs for the backyard. Luckily we have a big backyard, which will easily fit the hundred and fifty people she's invited to her party. However, she cannot decide whether or not to do catered food, or to hire one of my staff members to grill burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and do heros. Personally, I'd like the catered food, the bbq theme makes it feel like just that....a bbq, not a fancy graduation party.
As for the entertainment, she refuses to let the pipe band play, though I'm sure if my dad has his way, there will be something to say about that. Being that we're irish and have been involved with pipe bands for as long as I can remember, someone is definitely going to whip out a set of bagpipes and start rocking out. Kaitlin herself inquired to the Narrowbacks, a Rockland County based irish band to play at her party....deep down she's starting to enjoy irish music. She just won't admit it to us yet.

Despite her demanding attitude regarding her party, and the constant text messages I get throughout the day asking about her party's progress, upon which I reply, "it's out of my hands". She's not a regular client where I can just send her a budget, it's more complicated, it goes  through our parents, who are afterall, footing the bill for her grand soiree. They are the ones with the final say....and they're not too thrilled with her extravagance. Her must have though, is something I will insist upon: a fantastic cake. If you've checked out the gallery on our website: you will have definitely seen some of the elaborate cakes we've gotten for other events. If you've ever watched Cake Boss you know what I'm talking about. A specialty cake is awesome, and they taste amazing, a million times better than the typical cake you'd buy at the grocery store. However, a cake like that, for 150 people....oh she's in over her head.

Might want to stay  tuned on this one....the tale of Kaitlin's 150 guest graduation party is far from over!

Spring is Coming

Saying spring is coming is something like a gift on this horrible rainy day. What better to hope for than the warm sunny days of the springtime, and the outdoor parties that accompany the warm weather. It's as if everyone hides away for the winter, not wanting to leave their warm houses for fear of the cold. But when spring comes, the barbeque's come out, backyard parties, communions, christenings, confirmations, birthdays, baby showers...the celebrations begin. With Easter and Passover just around the corner, you can imagine that we're getting very busy planning glorious events with fun, festive pastel colors. Exciting? You bet!

Our Glamour Girls staff is hard at work on a super fun event we have booked for June, not only are we doing our classic Glamour Party fun for the 20-25 little girls, we're also doing an ice cream sundae bar.
I can't decide what my favorite flavors would be for an ice cream sundae party....which is why the birthday girl picks four. She could pick Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie dough, chocolate, and strawberry, or she could pick coffee (what child would pick coffee though, let's be real!), vanilla bean, chocolate chip, peanut butter....etc. Personally, I'd go with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cookie dough. Cookie dough is like an ice cream's fabulous. Although as a child- hold on, even now, at twenty three, I still insist on mixing cookie dough with chocolate  because I refuse to eat plain vanilla ice cream. Never liked it. I'm waiting for the day they make chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough. Maybe I should just invent it, it might be easier. Then again, it might be more expensive. And where on earth do I have room to start a ice cream company? I have enough on my plate! A busy enough schedule as is.

Once the birthday girl (or boy) chooses her flavors, she gets to choose toppings. All eight of them. Sprinkles, candies, syrups, etc. I mean, I'd choose whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries, chocolate syrup....the classic toppings for an ice cream sundae. That's half of your toppings right there! Not a bad selection if you ask me.

Our ice cream sundae bar fits perfectly with our new Ice Cream Sundae Spa party. It's just as delicious as it sounds. We did a test run on all of the products yesterday which were so yummy I could eat them up! They smelled so amazing, almost as if you had real ice cream in front of you-not bath and spa products! The girls get to choose from mini bath fizzies for their foot bath in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. After the bath fizzies, they're treated some exfoliating scrub in chocolate or strawberry, topped with Vanilla lotion (other flavors soon to come). The girls will be lounging in a spa like environment with their marshmallow masks topped with cucumbers on their eyes, and a manicure to complete the spa treatments (can't forget about our exfoliator and lotion for the manicure too)! Everything is kid friendly of course, and completely fun and fresh! How many of your daughter's friends can say she's gone to an Ice Cream Sundae spa party?

I'd bet not many. I love planning fun and unique events....and I'd say 90% of kids love ice cream sundaes, so have an ice cream sundae spa party with our ice cream sundae bar to add on to the fun. I bet you won't be disappointed!