Thursday, April 7, 2011


Our character parties are by far some of my favorite events. We've had so many different characters go to events, from Princess Jasmine to Bowser from the Mario video games- to requests for Elmo. It  doesn't get much diverse than that. When I first started Glamour  Girls it was a joke amongst a couple friends that we should all dress up as Princesses and go to kids parties. At first it was a joke- and simply that, and somewhere along the way a light-bulb went off in my head. At first people thought I was insane, until we started talking money. Now, I have my methods down to a t, and character parties are not only creative but fun too!

Last week we sent Jasmine out to an event for this adorable little girl's birthday party. Although Cinderella is our most popular disney Princess!
Yes that's me. I dress up as characters when I need to- although I try not to! We also did Ariel recently, and Snow White as well!

It's always adorable, because the young kids actually believe that you are Cinderella, or Belle, or Snow White, or whatever character you might be impersonating. And being honest, what girl can truly say she didn't love at least one of the disney princesses as a child? Belle is my absolute favorite, and I won't even attempt to deny the fact that I still watch Beauty and the Beast. In fact, Tangled is on my netflix queue.

Maybe I get to work with my inner child to develop these parties, but it's fun....and I can honestly say there aren't many people out there who like what they, love what they do. I can say that, because I do. I love working with kids....and there's nothing like seeing their little faces light up when their favorite Princess shows up on their doorstep. In fact, I don't mind dressing as a Princess from time to time, every girl wants to be a princess one day. So why not today?

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