Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lack of Funds <---do the party yourself!

The economy isn't getting any better. Unfortunately, we have to face that. Sure it might be getting slightly better, but in retrospect, it's not getting any better for small businesses like Glamour Girls . Its something we have to realize. More parents would prefer to do their childrens birthday parties themselves, rather than pay someone else to do the parties. Do you blame them? I can't say I do.

So many parents contact us at Glamour Girls looking for inexpensive party options, and many of those parents live out of our travel areas. We do parties in the New York Metro area, Westchester County NY, Rockland County NY, Northern NJ, etc. In order to appeal to clients nationwide, we have set up a system to create party packages for YOU. These party packages will be available to purchase through our Online Store. We currently have an at home Spa party, at home Glamour party, and a Make your own Stuffed Animal party. We hope to soon be including more types of party packages in our "do it yourself" section of the online ecommerce store.

These at home party packages will include directions, and all of the necessary items to smoothly run the party yourself! Great way to save some money and do the party on your own ! We haven't evne mentioned the best part yet- the at home packages are significantly cheaper than the parties we do at your location!

Check it out!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cinderella Party

Every little girl has a favorite disney Princess....and for many, Cinderella is it. Besides, what little girl doesn't dream of one day being a Princess? I know I did. Below, there I am, dressed as Cinderella for one of our past Cinderella character parties, with some of our little Cinderellas dressed up just like their favorite Princess!

All the Cinderella's

But what can you really do at a Cinderella themed party? While we have our characters attend parties, we play games, read a story, and do face painting/tattoos with the kids. However, what I'd really LOVE to do, would be to plan a party around Cinderella herself!

Let's start with decorations:
Depending on the weather of course, you could start with decorations for outside. To add to the mood, put some pumpkins in the yard, and large plastic mice. You could also have a red carpet runner leading up to the door.

But of course, the most important of the decorations are inside. Allow your daughter to have a special place at the table, turn one chair into a throne. Make the table settings fit for a princess....elegant with candles and fancy glasses.

Something like this would be perfect:

Another good idea would to have Disney life-size cutouts of Cinderella, in addition to balloons and streamers.

Every Cinderella needs her fairy godmother, wicked Stepmother, and ugly stepsisters. And of course, don't forget the prince! He will be needed to present the glass slipper! Hire Glamour Girls to provide these characters for you, or if you don't live in our area, have family members dress the part! This way, all of the characters will be present!


A Fairy Godmother is needed, as is the Wicked Stepmother.  A prince will be needed as well, as he will be required to present the slipper.  Have family members dress in these roles so the complete Cinderella family will be present.

The characters should greet the children at the door in costume, and remain in costume for the party. This will be a lot of fun for the kids as they will actually believe you to be the role.


Once the kids arrive, they need to get ready for the ball! We would take them and get them dressed for the Prince in fancy dresses and accessories. Then we'd get them all dolled up, hair and makeup!

The Ball
Start off the ball and then have the clock strike midnight. Then the kids must run to another location to avoid turning into a pumpkin!
The Prince must follow with the slipper. Make a show of trying the slipper on the other children....act as if you are in search of the real Cinderella! Try it on the birthday girl's foot last....and declare her the princess!

Most of all...enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tinkerbell Party

There's always one character that you obsess over....everyone has that one. For me, it's always been Belle...and Tinkerbell. Weird that I never noticed that coincidence before.

So when a client asked to do a Tinkerbell party...(sadly not Belle and Tinkerbell like above), I was delighted! For this party we are having ten kids, and Tinkerbell will be the center of the event, in character for the pirate and fairy themed appropriate given the Peter Pan movie. The boys will be given pirate mustaches and eye patches to act as pirates. The girls will be given glittery hairspray in their hair, and glitter on their cheeks. After all, fairies have pixie dust!

The kids will get face painting, temporary tattoos, and will play games with Tinkerbell while the different activities are going on. Tink will also be reading a story to the kids.

After all of these activities, the kids will go off and make their own ice cream sundaes!
They will choose from a variety of toppings and flavors to create their own ice cream dream!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wizard of OZ

At some point in their lives, almost every American has seen the Wizard of Oz. It's like a rite of passage, it's something everyone does. And if you haven't you better look that up on netflix, and quick my friend! The first time I saw the Wizard of Oz I was camped out on my grandparent's family room floor and my grandpa had the movie playing on a projector on their huge wall. I thought it was one of the coolest things ever....until the movie started playing, in black and white! I couldn't believe that they were showing this to us, but my grandma said, just wait Meg, just wait. And I did. Looking back I remember what fun times those were, don't we all miss being a kid at some point? Of course there are ups to being an adult, or a semi-adult in my case, but there are also the down points. The times where I wish all this real world stuff didn't apply to me.

In any case, the Wizard of Oz was something of a fascination to me, and it still is for many young kids- and a popular theme party at that! I began thinking about such parties when I stumbled across a photo of an amazing Wizard of Oz Cake, and realized, I would have to plan a Wizard of Oz party to go with it!

That cake is amazing. I am in love with it.

One necessity to a Wizard of Oz party is of course, the yellow brick road. A simple idea would be to buy a roll of yellow wrapping paper and have it on the floor (taped or held down of course) stretching from the entrance to the major party room. You can even be as adventurous as to draw bricks on it!

Stuff a pair of witch stockings with newspaper and red ruby slippers at the end of the yellow brick road, against a wall!  After all, you want to make it look like your house landed on the witch!

The party should definitely keep in mind the main goals of the characters, the tin man wanting a heart, the lion wanting courage, the scarecrow's brain. Trivia is also a great way to pass time at a party such as this, quiz your guests on different characters/events in the story!

Another great idea would be to use your decorations as prizes. For example, you can use different copies of the book as centerpieces, movie posters, etc. Use the movie posters as prizes for the winners of games!

Remember, you can also have the movie soundtrack playing throughout the party.....and who knows, maybe even have your guests dressed as their favorite character! And the host could be Dorothy!

Of course for younger kids there are plenty of other activities and games to play......can't wait to plan it all out!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Candy Party

Most kids, if not all kids, love candy. Hands down. At 23 I still have a sweet tooth. Give me a bag of candy (granted it's candy I like) there's a good possibility the candy will be gone within a day or two. Of course I'm not a total pig....well, not all the time. One party I would love to plan, would be a candy party. And for many reasons: there's so much you can do for it! Sweet Shop theme, Candy land theme....where to start?! Here's an idea of what I would do!

Invitations: I've found several invitations I love, but most of all I love the idea of a lolly-pop invitation. Pulling from the Pretty in Prints Blog I found this great candy land inspired invitation. CUTE is that!? I might just want to throw myself a candy themed party! As seen in the Pretty in Print blog, you can also use the same idea for party favor tags! I've also found Lollipop theme invitations on the Passion for Parties Blog as inspired by Kim from Tomkat studios.
candy themed birthday party invitations

Although I like the candy land style lollipop invites, I'd personally go with the second type, from the Passion for Parties blog, only because I prefer that style personally. But it does depend on the birthday girl and her taste!

The next part is obvious, decorations, and candy! One thing we can do for sure is have candy centerpieces. A vendor we work with at Glamour Girls makes spectacular candy arrangements for the tables:

Birthday Candy Centerpeice - 1 Tier - Large Round I love this one from Sugar Rush Creations , as it is shaped like a birthday cake...and it has a wonderful assortment of candy to choose from! Several centerpieces on the tables would be a fun way of incorporating candy into the decor!

However, if we're sticking with the lollipop idea, then a lollipop tree could be a great centerpiece:

I love the pink one with the large circle lollipops-classy but not overdone. As for other decor, I would suggest to keep the colors bright and festive, bright neons like lime green, hot pink, blue, yellow, or soft pastels that people often associate with easter...after all Easter does remind people of candy! Candy necklaces can also be used as garland to be strung across tables and what not!

I love what the Passion for Parties blog did for decorations:

Amazing, what can be done with paper plates! Don't these lollipop decorations look amazing? Sweet Shop Party: Passion for Parties

The decorations and the theme might not have been so difficult when it comes to a candy party, however I do believe the activities part might be the most difficult. After all, the kids can't eat candy for the entire two hour party....or can they?

Make Candy Necklaces: Give the kids string and different types of candy to create their own necklaces. There are plenty of types of candy that can easily be strung onto the string, or you can buy the necklaces and cut them...putting the candy in a bag for the kids to make themselves! It's a great activity to keep the children occupied and also sticking by your theme! Other great activities include:
Chocolate Bar eating contest. Buy the giant hershey's bar and see what team/duo can eat the candy the quickest.
Decorating sweets:
Although the party is centered around couldn't hurt to have a cookie decorating or cupcake decorating contest....with candy of course! Let the kids decorate with icing, different candies, chocolate chips, etc. Have prizes/awards/certificates for most creative, most unusual, prettiest, most elegantetc.
Guessing Games:
Guests can guess the number of a certain candy from a jar. The winner (closest to actual number) takes home the candy! You could do candy corn, jellybeans, m&m's, or whatever type of candy you want!

Winding Down and Party Favors:
The best way to end a candy party is of course with candy favors! One of my favorite party add ons with Glamour Girls is our Candy Bar. I love setting up the old fashioned candy jars and filling them with candy. Watching the kids make their own goodybags is so cute, and they love it! They take what they  want!

Now that I've written all about this candy party, I totally want someone to do one! Any takers? Maybe I'll have to throw one for myself. Just saying.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ice Cream Sundae Spa

So of course I'm slacking a little on the posting....but that happens from time to time. Last week Glamour Girls did a fabulous Ice Cream Sundae Spa party! I know, you might be thinking, spa? Ice Cream? How do those go together? And really, it's quite wonderful!

Our ice cream sundae spa is targeted towards kids in the 5-15 age range, and of course it does vary! Last week we did the party for an adorable set of 8 year old twins, who I might add, were very into it! The spa includes facials, manicures, and pedicures! At Glamour Girls we use Me Bath ice cream spa products, all of which can be found on our website: Glamour Parties

Let's start off with the facials. Of course as many people may (or may not) know, you must be a licensed esthetician to do an actual facial. Considering how our clients are usually under the age of 12, we don't do anything quite as fancy, however we do use face masks. For the ice cream spa party we do marshmallow flavored masks, which actually smell quite like real marshmallows (it's amazing). We have also had caramel and chocolate flavored masks as well! To top off the facials we do cucumbers on the eyes and let the girls lay back and relax!

As for the manicures,  the girls get their nails done up and a hand massage with strawberry flavored lotion! For the pedicures the girls place their feet in a basin of warm water, upon which we insert the flavor bath fizz of their choice. The girls can select from chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

After the bath fizz ends we scrub their feet/legs with chocolate sherbert scrub which the girls loved, since they were laughing and giggling away. After that we dried the girls feet with towels and painted their nails. While their nails dried we coated their legs and feet with icing flavored lotion.

Of course, I think this party would be best topped off with an ice cream sundae bar, or an ice cream cake! At the party this weekend the girls had an ice cream sundae cake, fitting with the theme of course!

We also made the most adorable goody-bags, which included: hair wraps (to keep their hair from their eyes during the facial), sleep masks, two nail polishes, and a manicure set!
Wonderful party of course!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Celebrations

With Easter only days away, there are tons of celebrations in the form of Egg hunts, and easter parties for kids....with the occasional dressed up easter bunny of course.

As a child, I used to love doing the egg hunts, getting candy and waiting for the bunny to come, you know the whole deal, leaving carrots out the night before. Now though, I have to look back and laugh. Did I really believe that a big bunny left footprints on my dining room floor? Did I really think a big bunny could somehow break into my securely locked house?

Apparently so. Nevertheless, looking back it is funny, and  I adore planning easter egg coloring and easter egg hunts for the family easter party! It was so much fun to be a kid....and now, well, at least I can make kids smile by planning these fun activities for them!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy!