Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cupcake Craze

I often wonder what is the reason behind the cupcake craze? Personally cupcakes don't do much for me....I mean, sure they're tasty.....but a couple bites usually does it for me. I can't see going to an establishment such as Crumbs or Carlos's bakery and ordering a couple of cupcakes and being done with it....I'd want the real deal. The cakes. Cake Boss is such a huge hit on TLC...and personally I adore the cakes Buddy makes...I would love to try one of his however, is it really worth the price tag? Not to me it isn't.

Of course, being an event planner I know where to get similar cakes for a much better price...for one event Carlos's Bakery quoted me at 700-1000 and I got the cake for less than half the price elsewhere, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Looks wise, and taste wise. Next time I'm planning an event I will be attending, I am most certainly getting a cake like that!

Still, if it came down to cake cake, and ice cream cake....I think I'd have to go with the ice cream. Personally I have a sweet tooth, but ice cream is my soft spot...my go to dessert. I'd pass up cookies, cake, chips, you name it for a soft serve dairy queen chocolate cone with rainbow sprinkles. And yes, it has to be a cone, because lets be honest here, it doesn't quite taste the same when it's in a cup.

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