Monday, April 11, 2011

How far is too far?

As many of you know, we have a twitter for Glamour Girls and Glamour Parties....and we often tweet about our events. Especially our huge Original Glamour parties for our Glamour Girls sector. However, this hasn't always been accepted by some parents. We believe that allowing girls to use makeup, and do their nails and their hair gives them confidence, allows them to express themselves, and adds a bit of fun to their day! They're kids...they want to play with makeup, what little girl didn't? I loved playing in my mom's makeup drawer when I was a kid. It was a thrill. So what's the harm in allowing girls to do a Spa or Glamour Party for their birthday?

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Well, according to some angry parents who have contacted takes away a child's innocence. It causes them to be too mature too early. It isn't right for the children ,and children need to stay children as long as possible. Now let's be real here for a denying the children something they want to do for a birthday party really the way to go? I'd love to know what the harm really is.....after all, isn't it just fun a games? Beauty is a huge part of our society in today's era. But it's not like at the Glamour Girls parties we're teaching these girls how to wear makeup for the rest of their lives! We're putting glittery hairspray in their hair, glitter and shimmer and fun colored lip glosses....because it's a party, it's fun, it's something these kids don't get to do on a regular basis....and it's different. I believe allowing a child to express their interest in something, at least dabble here and there is the way to go. Completely denying them something only causes them to want it more later in life....and rebel.

So what if now, at 6 years old you deny your daughter the opportunity to participate in a hair, makeup, and nails party....ten years later she'll be caking makeup on her face as she drives to school on the bus with all of her friends. Moderation is the key to success....sure beauty isn't everything....but sometimes it is a little fun.

So I ask you far is too far? Where do you draw the line on cosmetic use and play? Every little girl wants to be a princess....but can the princess have her crown and a lip gloss too?

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