Thursday, April 7, 2011

Event Decorations

One of my favorite aspects of an event, is of course the decorations. Balloons, streamers, centerpieces. So much fun! Since I was just talking about my sister's fabulous graduation party....and fabulous it will be- thanks to me, I decided I should get started working on the decorations for her event. We want something classy, elegant, and simple. Since she's going with the school colors of maroon and gold (wouldn't be my first choice in terms of colors, but GO GAELS!) I suppose we can begin working on how that will play out!
This is the hall....and our creative space, or so to say:
And though it's not bad....there's a lot we have to do here. Although, the chairs do match the theme quite nicely ha!

These are the ideal table centerpieces. Kaitlin specifically requested something classy  but elegant, with candles. These will be great as. Simple  but pretty. Complimented by confetti on the table:

Then we can hang white christmas lights around the tent- it'll definitely give it a fairy tale pretty look. So exciting!

Something like that....but with round tables for sure. I'm excited.

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