Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wizard of OZ

At some point in their lives, almost every American has seen the Wizard of Oz. It's like a rite of passage, it's something everyone does. And if you haven't you better look that up on netflix, and quick my friend! The first time I saw the Wizard of Oz I was camped out on my grandparent's family room floor and my grandpa had the movie playing on a projector on their huge wall. I thought it was one of the coolest things ever....until the movie started playing, in black and white! I couldn't believe that they were showing this to us, but my grandma said, just wait Meg, just wait. And I did. Looking back I remember what fun times those were, don't we all miss being a kid at some point? Of course there are ups to being an adult, or a semi-adult in my case, but there are also the down points. The times where I wish all this real world stuff didn't apply to me.

In any case, the Wizard of Oz was something of a fascination to me, and it still is for many young kids- and a popular theme party at that! I began thinking about such parties when I stumbled across a photo of an amazing Wizard of Oz Cake, and realized, I would have to plan a Wizard of Oz party to go with it!

That cake is amazing. I am in love with it.

One necessity to a Wizard of Oz party is of course, the yellow brick road. A simple idea would be to buy a roll of yellow wrapping paper and have it on the floor (taped or held down of course) stretching from the entrance to the major party room. You can even be as adventurous as to draw bricks on it!

Stuff a pair of witch stockings with newspaper and red ruby slippers at the end of the yellow brick road, against a wall!  After all, you want to make it look like your house landed on the witch!

The party should definitely keep in mind the main goals of the characters, the tin man wanting a heart, the lion wanting courage, the scarecrow's brain. Trivia is also a great way to pass time at a party such as this, quiz your guests on different characters/events in the story!

Another great idea would be to use your decorations as prizes. For example, you can use different copies of the book as centerpieces, movie posters, etc. Use the movie posters as prizes for the winners of games!

Remember, you can also have the movie soundtrack playing throughout the party.....and who knows, maybe even have your guests dressed as their favorite character! And the host could be Dorothy!

Of course for younger kids there are plenty of other activities and games to play......can't wait to plan it all out!

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