Monday, June 6, 2011

Cinderella Party

Every little girl has a favorite disney Princess....and for many, Cinderella is it. Besides, what little girl doesn't dream of one day being a Princess? I know I did. Below, there I am, dressed as Cinderella for one of our past Cinderella character parties, with some of our little Cinderellas dressed up just like their favorite Princess!

All the Cinderella's

But what can you really do at a Cinderella themed party? While we have our characters attend parties, we play games, read a story, and do face painting/tattoos with the kids. However, what I'd really LOVE to do, would be to plan a party around Cinderella herself!

Let's start with decorations:
Depending on the weather of course, you could start with decorations for outside. To add to the mood, put some pumpkins in the yard, and large plastic mice. You could also have a red carpet runner leading up to the door.

But of course, the most important of the decorations are inside. Allow your daughter to have a special place at the table, turn one chair into a throne. Make the table settings fit for a princess....elegant with candles and fancy glasses.

Something like this would be perfect:

Another good idea would to have Disney life-size cutouts of Cinderella, in addition to balloons and streamers.

Every Cinderella needs her fairy godmother, wicked Stepmother, and ugly stepsisters. And of course, don't forget the prince! He will be needed to present the glass slipper! Hire Glamour Girls to provide these characters for you, or if you don't live in our area, have family members dress the part! This way, all of the characters will be present!


A Fairy Godmother is needed, as is the Wicked Stepmother.  A prince will be needed as well, as he will be required to present the slipper.  Have family members dress in these roles so the complete Cinderella family will be present.

The characters should greet the children at the door in costume, and remain in costume for the party. This will be a lot of fun for the kids as they will actually believe you to be the role.


Once the kids arrive, they need to get ready for the ball! We would take them and get them dressed for the Prince in fancy dresses and accessories. Then we'd get them all dolled up, hair and makeup!

The Ball
Start off the ball and then have the clock strike midnight. Then the kids must run to another location to avoid turning into a pumpkin!
The Prince must follow with the slipper. Make a show of trying the slipper on the other children....act as if you are in search of the real Cinderella! Try it on the birthday girl's foot last....and declare her the princess!

Most of all...enjoy!

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