Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Candy Party

Most kids, if not all kids, love candy. Hands down. At 23 I still have a sweet tooth. Give me a bag of candy (granted it's candy I like) there's a good possibility the candy will be gone within a day or two. Of course I'm not a total pig....well, not all the time. One party I would love to plan, would be a candy party. And for many reasons: there's so much you can do for it! Sweet Shop theme, Candy land theme....where to start?! Here's an idea of what I would do!

Invitations: I've found several invitations I love, but most of all I love the idea of a lolly-pop invitation. Pulling from the Pretty in Prints Blog I found this great candy land inspired invitation.

Seriously...how CUTE is that!? I might just want to throw myself a candy themed party! As seen in the Pretty in Print blog, you can also use the same idea for party favor tags! I've also found Lollipop theme invitations on the Passion for Parties Blog as inspired by Kim from Tomkat studios.
candy themed birthday party invitations

Although I like the candy land style lollipop invites, I'd personally go with the second type, from the Passion for Parties blog, only because I prefer that style personally. But it does depend on the birthday girl and her taste!

The next part is obvious, decorations, and candy! One thing we can do for sure is have candy centerpieces. A vendor we work with at Glamour Girls makes spectacular candy arrangements for the tables:

Birthday Candy Centerpeice - 1 Tier - Large Round I love this one from Sugar Rush Creations , as it is shaped like a birthday cake...and it has a wonderful assortment of candy to choose from! Several centerpieces on the tables would be a fun way of incorporating candy into the decor!

However, if we're sticking with the lollipop idea, then a lollipop tree could be a great centerpiece:

I love the pink one with the large circle lollipops-classy but not overdone. As for other decor, I would suggest to keep the colors bright and festive, bright neons like lime green, hot pink, blue, yellow, or soft pastels that people often associate with easter...after all Easter does remind people of candy! Candy necklaces can also be used as garland to be strung across tables and what not!

I love what the Passion for Parties blog did for decorations:

Amazing, what can be done with paper plates! Don't these lollipop decorations look amazing? Sweet Shop Party: Passion for Parties

The decorations and the theme might not have been so difficult when it comes to a candy party, however I do believe the activities part might be the most difficult. After all, the kids can't eat candy for the entire two hour party....or can they?

Make Candy Necklaces: Give the kids string and different types of candy to create their own necklaces. There are plenty of types of candy that can easily be strung onto the string, or you can buy the necklaces and cut them...putting the candy in a bag for the kids to make themselves! It's a great activity to keep the children occupied and also sticking by your theme! Other great activities include:
Chocolate Bar eating contest. Buy the giant hershey's bar and see what team/duo can eat the candy the quickest.
Decorating sweets:
Although the party is centered around candy...it couldn't hurt to have a cookie decorating or cupcake decorating contest....with candy of course! Let the kids decorate with icing, different candies, chocolate chips, etc. Have prizes/awards/certificates for most creative, most unusual, prettiest, most elegantetc.
Guessing Games:
Guests can guess the number of a certain candy from a jar. The winner (closest to actual number) takes home the candy! You could do candy corn, jellybeans, m&m's, or whatever type of candy you want!

Winding Down and Party Favors:
The best way to end a candy party is of course with candy favors! One of my favorite party add ons with Glamour Girls is our Candy Bar. I love setting up the old fashioned candy jars and filling them with candy. Watching the kids make their own goodybags is so cute, and they love it! They take what they  want!

Now that I've written all about this candy party, I totally want someone to do one! Any takers? Maybe I'll have to throw one for myself. Just saying.

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