Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lack of Funds <---do the party yourself!

The economy isn't getting any better. Unfortunately, we have to face that. Sure it might be getting slightly better, but in retrospect, it's not getting any better for small businesses like Glamour Girls . Its something we have to realize. More parents would prefer to do their childrens birthday parties themselves, rather than pay someone else to do the parties. Do you blame them? I can't say I do.

So many parents contact us at Glamour Girls looking for inexpensive party options, and many of those parents live out of our travel areas. We do parties in the New York Metro area, Westchester County NY, Rockland County NY, Northern NJ, etc. In order to appeal to clients nationwide, we have set up a system to create party packages for YOU. These party packages will be available to purchase through our Online Store. We currently have an at home Spa party, at home Glamour party, and a Make your own Stuffed Animal party. We hope to soon be including more types of party packages in our "do it yourself" section of the online ecommerce store.

These at home party packages will include directions, and all of the necessary items to smoothly run the party yourself! Great way to save some money and do the party on your own ! We haven't evne mentioned the best part yet- the at home packages are significantly cheaper than the parties we do at your location!

Check it out!

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