Friday, June 3, 2011

Tinkerbell Party

There's always one character that you obsess over....everyone has that one. For me, it's always been Belle...and Tinkerbell. Weird that I never noticed that coincidence before.

So when a client asked to do a Tinkerbell party...(sadly not Belle and Tinkerbell like above), I was delighted! For this party we are having ten kids, and Tinkerbell will be the center of the event, in character for the pirate and fairy themed appropriate given the Peter Pan movie. The boys will be given pirate mustaches and eye patches to act as pirates. The girls will be given glittery hairspray in their hair, and glitter on their cheeks. After all, fairies have pixie dust!

The kids will get face painting, temporary tattoos, and will play games with Tinkerbell while the different activities are going on. Tink will also be reading a story to the kids.

After all of these activities, the kids will go off and make their own ice cream sundaes!
They will choose from a variety of toppings and flavors to create their own ice cream dream!

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